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MAS Team Attended Graduation Ceremony For Students of Arab Open University - Saudi Arabia Branch
In Riyadh - in Presence Prince / Turki Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
Graduation Abdul Hadi And Mohammed Badhman ( MAS team ) From Arab Open University
MAS Project get "A" degree
in Arab open university .


Technology became a main part of our daily bases practices that you hardly find anyone doesn’t use one or more types of technology. People use mobiles, computers, CD players and many others every day and for long time. Some people knows well how to handle their things and take care of them the way that fits them, but others find hard time to arrange their stuff and might lose so many things. One of the things that we use very often and so many times we lose them are our Compact Disks or as they known CD’s.

No matter if we use CD’s for music, documents or even for computers the main thing that we all have plenty of them and we come to time that we don’t know which CD has what. We might reach to a level that it takes us very long time to find the required CD. For that we came with the idea of this project to arrange our CD’s in a very good way and it will be very useful especially for those have tens or hundreds of them.

Moreover, we could give one or more CD’s to someone then forget which one we gave or to who. What if I have about 100 music CDs and I want ONLY one song that I don’t know where is it exactly? What shall I do? Where to look and long it will take? This program is the solution.

If you were a computer user, music collector or even movie’s fan and you have plenty of CDs then our idea is the best to safe your time which you can spend on your enjoyment.